Can I install the EV Charger myself? Or do I have to hire an electrician?

The procedure of installation requires subject expertise. We advise you to hire an expert to do the task as the electrical load can be quite high.

I think petrol pumps will install it too, then why should I?

Citizens won’t go to petrol pumps as they do not have additional facilities such as waiting areas, malls, offices, shopping places, entertainment attractions near them. In today’s world when time is the key to success no one would prefer to wait at the petrol station.

License Required?

No license is required to install a charger, you just need to have a three-phase connection that can take the load of your desired EV chargers.

What price can I sell it on?

As of now, the government hasn’t made any rule or regulation on the amount you can charge from your clients per electricity unit. It is totally up to you how much you want to charge the customer per unit, but we’ll suggest you not keep it too high.

Can I get depreciation on the charging station as I am a commercial owner?

Yes, as the charger is a capital investment, you can depreciate it over a few years.

Any Subsidy on chargers?

The subsidy is only on electric vehicles.

Any tax benefit?

There is a tax benefit on interest on loans for buying electric vehicles (EV) but not charging stations.

If there is a problem with my Charger, what should I do?

If any problem arises, you can contact us on +91-9958943092

If I am shifting my commercial space/home, how should I handle my EV Charger?

Our products, Kazam Lite and Kazam Mini are of desirable size, adjustable, and easy to handle. You can conveniently move them while shifting.

Should I charge my EV to 100%?

There is no need to charge your EV at 100% consistently unless you, need to rely on the entire driving range.

Is EV Charging cheaper than gas?

Yes, you spend way less money on EV Charging than that on fuel.

How much does it cost to install an EV charger at home?

Kazam Lite & Kazam Mini are easy to install and function for personal use. You can enjoy the charging benefits at an affordable price!

Are EV's worth it?

They are responsible for the 0 carbon emission. EVs are the future of automobiles that aim to sustain the environment.

Are there enough chargers?

Yes! Our services are available at every place. Check out our solutions menu to know where we install our EV Charging stations for your convenience.

How do I monitor the electricity of my vehicle?

Almost every EV models have an inbuilt meter to monitor the electricity in your vehicle.

Should I charge my EV every night?

Generally, most 2 or 3 wheelers take 2-3 hours of full charging while 4 wheelers take 7 hours of charging. So you must plan to charge your EV accordingly.

Now that you got all your questions and queries answered go ahead and install one! Planning to build an electric vehicle charging station at your place of business, home, mall, shop. We at Meissa Reeve offer all of these services in one visit.