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10Jul, 21 July 10, 2021Electric Vehicles

The Future of Electric Vehicles looks concrete as one of the many initiatives that the Government has taken for EV infrastructure, NHEV  program is a promising project for the growth of EV stakeholders.

NHEV is a plan executed by the team to create highway corridors with EV charging stations for Electric Vehicles. The NHEV program facilitates creating highway corridors for EV’s to enhance the EV Infrastructure in the country.

The trial of the highway corridors (Delhi-Agra/Yamuna Express) got completed between 25th November to 25th December 2020. Leaving the people of the country in amazement due to the success of the event. The second trial from Delhi-Jaipur (NH 8) will commence from 14th July to 15th August, and the nation is looking forward to witnessing this historic event. The national highways of both the routes will be 500kms and a total of 18 EV Charging Stations are said to get set up on the locations near toll places between the routes.

The program, managed by ASSAR (Advance Services for Social and Administrative Reforms) aims to reform the country for setting up EV Charging Stations. It is to make India’s highways where any person can set up their Charging Stations within 30 days to expand their business opportunities.

The Government focuses on bringing scalable and adaptable changes to improve the ecosystem by following the E-highway project. Many Electric car companies and EV Charging Station owners are anticipating the complete establishment of e-highways all over the country.

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Meissa Reeve is one of the businesses supporting the NHEV as we believe in a sustainable environment where technology and nature can co-exist together. If you are looking for business opportunities to get EV Charging Stations installed in your business space, make sure to contact us and create endless possibilities.

In the following write-up, we will educate you more about the initiatives by ASSAR that will make the highways more EV-friendly, for EV owners and EV stakeholders can make the most out of the provided opportunities.

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