13Dec, 22

Lithium Ion & LFP Batteries

Apart from the exceptional charging stations, Meissa Reeve also manufactures and sells Lithium-ion batteries. In a rechargeable battery, Lithium ions pass through an electrolyte to move from one electrode to the other during discharge, and vice versa during charging, making your vehicle more efficient and powerful. Our Lithium-ion batteries offer se …

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05Dec, 22

EV Charging Stations

  Charging Stations are one of the go-to options for all Electric Vehicle owners. By charging regularly through our charging stations, you may never have to visit a service station again! Aside from reducing air pollution, EVs can also improve public health and lessen ecological damage. And because of our services, you can contribute more to th …

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01Dec, 22

Battery Swapping Stations

The battery swapping technique involves replacing a discharged EV battery with one that has already been charged. The system would eliminate one of the major drawbacks of zero-emission vehicles: long refueling times. In terms of efficient fast-charging infrastructure, battery swapping can be the most economical solution. The battery swapping proced …

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09Nov, 22


In the bicycle industry, the latest news you will find making rounds is the rise of the popularity of e-bikes or electronic bicycles. It is considered as one of the most innovative ideas that can offer a plethora of advantages to its users. Giovanni Fontana from Italy was the one to invent this engineering marvel. The e-bikes are right now one of th …

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13Oct, 22

Retrofitting 2 Wheeler

Conventional fuel-driven cars are taking a toll on the environment as they are one of the main contributors to air pollution. As a result, the environment gets harmed. The high fuel price is also another reason why these vehicles have become a problem for the general public. Whereas this gets reversed by trusting Meissa Reeve’s retrofitting s …

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13Sep, 22

Solar Carport with EVCS

With the amount of demand and supply in the EV industry during the past several years, it has only gotten better. And to add a more sustainable feature to the EV industry,  the addition of solar carport offers vehicle protection from the sun while providing space for solar panels to be mounted and generate electricity. Adding EV charging mechanisms …

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02Aug, 22

Home UPS

Let’s go eco-friendly! We’re here to save your bills while preserving the environment for your future generations by providing you the best quality products. If you face frequent power cuts and are looking for an energy efficient, high quality emergency power supply, then a Home UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply or Uninterruptible power source) is …

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02Jun, 22

Repair & Maintenance

The repair and maintenance of your electric vehicle is our responsibility. We provide repairing, alteration, restoration and fine finishing. 1. As compared to the usual pricey internal combustion engine, our electric motor requires simpler maintenance. 2. Our EV’s battery management system ensures that the batteries have 3 years of life span and will …

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