In the bicycle industry, the latest news you will find making rounds is the rise of the popularity of e-bikes or electronic bicycles. It is considered as one of the most innovative ideas that can offer a plethora of advantages to its users.

Giovanni Fontana from Italy was the one to invent this engineering marvel. The e-bikes are right now one of the most sought out products for people who are energy-conscious and want to reduce their manual exhaustion of riding a bicycle. If you are curious to know how switching to e-bikes can help you, then here you get to know all about them.

Makes Cycle-Pedaling Less Strenuous

Since e-bikes are battery-powered, the cyclists get technical “assistance” while pedaling, usually in terms of a throttle. It is the pedal-assist that makes the e-bike alluring for cyclists. The small motor that is engaged to run the e-bike provides the rider with a boost, reducing the effort one needs to make it move ahead. That’s how with an e-bike you can zip up your ride while climbing uphill and can nearly glide when passing through rough road surfaces.

Rechargeable Battery Power

Yet another advantage of riding an E-bike is the advantage of using rechargeable batteries that can help you travel nearly up to 25 to 32 km/h at a range of 16 to 20 mph. If you can go for the Higher-powered ones, they can cover more than 45 km/h or 28 mph.

Cost-Effective Solution

E-bikes have proven themselves to be the most cost-effective solutions for businesses that deal with product or food delivery. Using rechargeable battery power, e-bikes can help you reach your destination point with minimal physical effort and that too in an economical way. It’s a great replacement for regular motorbikes and scooters that use petrol, with its zero-emission standards.

Confidently make that switch to the latest state-of-the-art e-bikes today. Check out our existing e-bike models, like Prance 1.0 & Scooch 3T. Stay tuned to receive updates on our three new upcoming e-bike models and a special model in the making to assist you in delivering food and parcels.