Lithium Ion & LFP Batteries


Let’s go eco-friendly! We’re here to save your bills while preserving the environment for your future generations by providing you the best quality products. If you face frequent power cuts and are looking for an energy efficient, high quality emergency power supply, then a Home UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply or Uninterruptible power source) is just the right thing for you. The advantage of Home UPS is that you can check the voltage of each cell inside our proud manufacturing of Li ion or LFP batteries.

Our Home UPS provides battery backup power in case of shortage of electricity to the entire phase in the form of inverter and battery supply. You can use it at homes, offices, schools, general and medical stores and restaurants continually or in emergency.

We assure you of the longevity of Home UPS at one-time purchase. Our batteries are easily affordable, lightweight, and give greater advantage. It’s a perfect/smart capital expenditure and we make sure it fits your budget.

Both Lithium ion and Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) are capable of charging and discharging at high speed when compared to other batteries. Our batteries have better power density, low discharge rate, less heat, and increased safety. Lithium does not experience fluctuating temperatures or loss of energy. The batteries have a long shelf life as the warranty is of three years.

Our expertized service includes customizing your requirements on the batteries as per your need which has a wonderful warranty of three years – no smoke, no fire, and all those NO which ensure safety of the premises.

Meissa Reeve is here to bring sustainability and well-being to the comfort of your homes through our products and services that assure you longevity. Our products are promising and energy efficient. In entirety, Meissa Reeve cares about your well-being.