Lithium Ion & LFP Batteries

Repair & Maintenance

The repair and maintenance of your electric vehicle is our responsibility. We provide repairing, alteration, restoration and fine finishing.

1. As compared to the usual pricey internal combustion engine, our electric motor requires simpler maintenance.

2. Our EV’s battery management system ensures that the batteries have 3 years of life span and will increase if the services are fulfilled from time to time.

3. Battery fill-in is a prerequisite for maintaining an Electric Vehicle.

4. One of the boons in owning an EV is regenerative braking, a process in which we wash and re-fit your brake rather than replacing it. This makes your electric vehicle a cost effective asset.

5. The fluid repairs, the brakes and brake pads another crucial area need to be checked on regular intervals.

6. Your electric vehicle will not require any oil change or new spark plugs as it has reduced lifetime maintenance and repair costs. This is because EVs have a fraction of the moving parts of internal combustion vehicles.

7. Electric vehicles have coolants that cool down battery packs.

8. The maintenance will require checking the pressure on each tyre.

So whether it is to preserve the environment for your future generations, or to add a luxurious touch to your sustainable modern living lifestyle, your next purchase should definitely be an Electric Vehicle – with all the smart saving and well being it contributes to. So let’s get into the world of an on-going and upcoming generation!