Electric Vehicles are the most beneficial invention of our time. They generate considerably lower emissions compared to vehicles that run on diesel or petrol. The growth of EVs over the year has encouraged many individuals to own one. 

World-renowned companies from Tesla to Audi, the past decade has witnessed a spike in the manufacturing of EV. The global EV market has grown considerably and by the year 2027 it will be 803 Billion USD. It is safe to assume that this will be an enormous trade in the upcoming years.

The manufacturing and usage of EV’s were proven extremely advantageous when we realized how the lower gas emissions saved the pedestrians, localities, and people at large to breathe in healthier air instead of poisonous gases.

How does an EV Operate?

It operates on an electric motor instead of an ICE (internal combustion engine) that generates power by burning a mix of fuel and gases. Therefore, an EV is seen as a possible replacement for the current-generation automobile. It reduces the rapidly growing pollution, global warming, etc., it has drawn a reasonable amount of interest in the past few years, even though the concept of EVs was around for a long time. Even though the concept of EV was around for a long time but now it has drawn the attention and interest of the manufacturing company.

Advantages of EV

The perks of owning an EV are endless. You can save money as well as contribute to the environment. The maintenance of the EV is low compared to ICE vehicles and it can be conveniently charged at home.

We listed down ten dominant reasons why you should add an EV to your future vehicle purchase options.

1. No fuel cost

Charging an electric car is much cheaper than filling gas at the petrol pump/gas stations. You can save a considerable amount on fuel when you own an Electric Vehicle. It is 10-20 times less than what we spend on fuel regularly.

2. No emission of carbon footprints

Direct emissions are emitted through the tailpipe by the process of evaporation in the engine system. These emissions include smog-forming pollutants like nitrogen, other pollutants harmful to human health. But EV has is zero-emission and it is a great asset to the safety of environment.

3. Reduction of noise pollution

Electric Vehicles are much quieter and more calm compared to conventional fuel vehicles that are mostly used now. They are capable of moving and providing a smooth driving experience. With high acceleration over longer distances, many Electric Vehicle owners have approved that they have saved enough money after owning an Electric Vehicle.

4. Low maintenance

Say goodbye to the expensive engine maintenance. With EVs, you need not lubricate the engines or anything similar in connection with the combustion engine. The maintenance cost comes strikingly down with the purchase of EV.

5. Charge at your home

A simple, cost-effective, and fast charging EV is to carry out this process at the comfort of your home. Once you install a charging station at your home, you will be able to charge your vehicle at any time of the day by simply plugging in the charging cable. This way, you can get your EV charge all night. You can conveniently spend your time doing you daily chores without having to worry about the performance of your vehicle throughout.

6. Environment friendly

Compared to other conventional combustion engine vehicles EV emission is zero due to which the air around doesn’t get polluted. They contribute less to climate change and smog than the cars that run on fuels. Pollutants emitted from combustion engines directly or indirectly harm human health, while electric vehicles are eco-friendly.

7. Government incentives

When it comes to public welfare, the government takes measures that are beneficial for the public. Similarly, the government incentives for EVs are as essential as any other inducement. The govt., as of now, plans to boost electric mobility through subsidies. These subsidies include authorization of 62,000 electric passenger busses and 15 lakh electric three-two wheelers. Phase II of the Faster Adoption and manufacturing of (Hybrid) Scheme will implement soon as per February 2021’s report.

8. EV Charging with renewable energy

One of the best ways to charge an EV is to do it with renewable energy – solar energy. Installing a solar panel will charge your electric car just as it would supply energy to the rest of your house/commercial space. Another interesting fact about charging your EV with renewable energy is that even limited panel arrays with only 10 solar panels provide enough power to charge your EV.

9. Easy replacement of batteries

Although there are very few chances of your lithium-ion battery getting damaged early, chances are you may face a situation to change your EV’s battery. Changing the battery in an EV is not a hassle. You can easily replace it with an expert’s help and get going. The swappable batteries reduce the range anxiety often related to the EVs. With proper maintenance and involvement, you can get things done smoothly.

10. Safe to drive & ride

Finally, if you are looking for a family-friendly car, you will be happy to know that Electric cars are way more spacious and comfortable to drive. You can travel with convenience without worrying about your safety. Compared to the other vehicles, EVs are easy to ride and they function smoothly as per your requirements. They also offer a smooth drive/ride with lower levels of noise.