Get EV Charging Stations for your Petrol Pumps

Install EV Charging Stations at the busiest spot in the metropolitan areas- Petrol Pumps

Why should you get a Charging Station at Petrol Pumps?

Educate vehicle Owners
Utilize your space and educate the vehicle owners about the usage of EV and EV Charging benefits.

Earn profit as a host
Once you become the host of an EV Charging Station, you can earn profit over the installed EV Charging Stations at your place.

Eliminate carbon footprint
Help the vehicle owner to understand how he/she can lower the risk of carbon emission by utilizing an EV and charging it without causing pollution.

Create a Network
Create a network of gathering stakeholders to support the cause of the go-green initiative by you. You can encourage people to invest in EV Charging Stations since it’s beneficial for businesses and as well as of the environment.