Solar Carport with EV Charging Station

With the amount of demand and supply in the EV industry during the past several years, it has only gotten better. And to add a more sustainable feature to the EV industry,  the addition of solar carport offers vehicle protection from the sun while providing space for solar panels to be mounted and generate electricity. Adding EV charging mechanisms to these carports allows them to become partly self-sufficient units that generate their power for charging electric vehicles, whether it is an electric 2-wheeler or a car. This process helps you thoroughly to recharge your EV in the most environmentally friendly way.

With Meissa Reeve’s solar panels, solar carports use zero grid power. Our solar carport with integrated EV charging promotes a sustainable way to utilize every electric vehicle. India is only just beginning to embrace this solar carport technology, and it has a  potential that needs to be explored.

Coming from the business perspective, you, as a site operator, can generate income from electric vehicle charging points on your commercial space by installing our solar carports along with our charging stations.

Following are some of the most utilized commercial spaces where you can install our Solar Carports:-


Many people daily visit the mall for different and various reasons. For shopping, work, meetings, etc. Any visitor who owns an Electric Vehicle can easily charge his EV with the help of our solar carport and charging station installed in your mall.
It increases the visiting numbers of the customers to your mall as it is convenient for them to charge their EVs every time they visit.


Office spaces are undoubtedly the most important places for every working person. Be it for working reasons or visiting reasons. The office space parking is mostly busy. By providing charging benefits to EV owners who own office spaces and have enough parking space, you can contribute to EV sustainability and render our services.

Educational Institutes

From students to faculty, every individual has automobile requirements when they visit different educational institutions. With the availability of EV Charging Stations and Solar carports, it becomes convenient for everyone to charge their vehicles when they arrive or spend time in educational institutions.

Therefore, we at Meissa Reeve ensure that solar energy is used effectively to promote and maintain its benefits for all. In relation to fulfilling the environmental duties and business-enhancing options, we never fail to deliver the best services.