EV Charging Stations


Charging Stations are one of the go-to options for all Electric Vehicle owners. By charging regularly through our charging stations, you may never have to visit a service station again! Aside from reducing air pollution, EVs can also improve public health and lessen ecological damage. And because of our services, you can contribute more to the environment. Our EV Charging Stations at your business spots provides enormous options for you to generate revenue for EV Charging Station hosts. Enhance your business by installing EV Charging Stations. You can educate potential stakeholders to invest and join hands in the go-green initiative.

We strive to improve and reduce costs. Our electric charging points at work make life easier for employees, saving them time searching for charging stations. With our Charging Stations, we provide convenience for the clients. So if you are an employer, a retailer, or manage a fleet of vehicles, now is the perfect time to assess what EV charger may be required on your premises.

We provide AC (Alternating Current) power to the vehicle’s onboard charger which is then converted into DC (Direct Current) to allow the battery to be charged. Our AC chargers are cost-effective. They provide a grid system and the ability to transmit AC electricity across large areas. As a result, AC is cheaper than DC. AC Chargers are also 7 to 10 times cheaper than DC charging stations with the same performance.

Meissa Reeve aims to provide an easy installation process with excellent after-sales support. As a result of our technological advances in battery efficiency and design, modern EVs can operate with no hassle.

Electric cars will begin to overtake their diesel and petrol counterparts in sales and use in the next few decades. Get in touch with Meissa Reeve to learn more about her insightful and beneficial services.