Lithium Ion & LFP Batteries

Apart from the exceptional charging stations, Meissa Reeve also manufactures and sells Lithium-ion batteries. In a rechargeable battery, Lithium ions pass through an electrolyte to move from one electrode to the other during discharge, and vice versa during charging, making your vehicle more efficient and powerful.

Our Lithium-ion batteries offer several advantages over lead-acid batteries, including greater discharge and charge efficiency. Their long life and lack of maintenance make them a wise long-term investment. Lead-acid batteries must also be maintained, which requires water replacement to avoid structural damage. If not properly maintained, their lifespan will be diminished even more. As Lithium batteries require no active maintenance, a one-time purchase ensures longevity.

Additionally, we also manufacture and trade Lithium iron phosphate battery that is capable of charging and discharging at high speed compared to other types of batteries. It is a rechargeable battery consisting of LiFePO4. Our batteries have better power density, low discharge rate, less heat, and increased safety. They are unparalleled in efficiency, especially under high-stress conditions. Unlike Lead-acid batteries, Lithium does not experience fluctuating temperatures or loss of energy. Since Lithium batteries can withstand extreme temperatures and operate under stressful conditions, they are a logical choice for these applications.

Our EV charging batteries provide a greater level of energy at less than half the weight and size of other battery chemistries and at a reasonable price. This means more flexibility and easier installation!

Additionally, you can manage and view the details of each member who has charged their vehicle, as well as their battery consumption. EV owners can also benefit from our smart battery management system through the mobile application, which allows you to easily monitor battery efficiency.