EV Charging Stations at Shopping Malls & Outlets
- For your Comfort

Shop while your EV gets charged at the malls and outlets for a seamless shopping experience

Why you should get a charging station at Shopping malls and Outlets?

Business Exposure
Expose your business by being known as a contributor to the eco-friendly initiative. People will know you for supporting go-green businesses.

Shoppers Benefits
If the shopper owns an EV, he can conveniently charge his Electric Vehicle while shopping at the mall. It will benefit him in case of shopping and also for charging his EV at the same time.

Reduction of Carbon footprint
Beneficial for both businesses and people, the carbon footprint can be reduced by usage of EVs as there is no carbon emission. Becoming a host of a charging point will benefit your business and also the environment.

Customers spend more time in your Mall
Charging an EV can take some time motivating the customers to utilize the time exploring, shopping, and spending on products in your mall. While their vehicle gets charge, they get ample time to spend in the mall.