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21Jun, 21 June 21, 2021Electric Vehicles

The existence of EV has proven to be beneficial for everyone who has utilized it and who is looking forward to a sustainable environment. From the day of its invention till now, EV’s evolving technology keeps advancing with time providing, the best standards of transportation and comfort. Another factor that has fascinated and attracted a large number of stakeholders towards the EV infrastructure is the cost of running cost.

There are many benefits of EV like low maintenance, functioning quality, and sustainable nature. But another factor that has grabbed the attention of people in the running cost. However, the running cost of the EV varies from vehicle to vehicle but costs way cheaper compared to the combustion vehicles where you have to pay a lot more for fuel. Following this, the charging options for EVs are also easily accessible and convenient for EV users.

The gas prices have currently reached the spike in India, ranging from 100 rupees per liter on average. With each city differing in their prices by 1-5 rupees, the rates are still higher than usual. This situation is alarming and is costing a fortune for people who own conventional vehicles. Coming to EV’s running cost, it is ranged much cheaper. If your battery’s size is 30 kWh, and you need to get through a day with one-time standard charging of 15 units of electricity, it will cost you only 90 INR.

From maintaining an EV to charge it for transportation, every aspect of the EV provides us luxury at affordable and satisfactory services. With the fuel prices hiking every day, it is safe to assume that most people will consider switching to the EV because of its low-cost attributes in the upcoming years.

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