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India is all set to move ahead to the right direction by promoting EV adaptability and using next-generation technology to aid this initiative. One of the most fundamental concerns that Indians are currently facing while buying Electric Vehicles including 2, 3, and 4 wheelers, is the availability of reliable charging station infrastructure. To encourage a wider usage of EVs, the requirement for availability of private charging stations needs to be addressed at every possible way. Afterall, unlike fuel refilling, recharging an electric vehicle takes considerable time even if you consider the availability of fast charging technology. Even now, there is a lack of much-required extensive charging infrastructure even in the major cities, leave alone the remote rural areas. As a result, people are not able to make the switch to EV’s with confidence.

It is estimated that India might require nearly 4 lakh charging stations by the year 2026 to cater to the 2 million EVs that would be plying on the roads as per the current trend (Source: ). It might even exceed this estimate. To address this concern, the Government of India has allowed the use of existing home power connections to charge EVs so long as the safety guidelines are followed.

Current Availability of Private Charging Stations for EVs

However positive this new step, the change is yet to pick up the required pace. The reason behind the lag is the scarcity of charging stations, both at the public places, and in private premises. People of India are looking forward to the stage when every house will have a private charging station for the EVs so that they can take their rides with confidence.

There are several charging stations ranging from 3.3KW to 22KW but the 3.3Kw AC Smart Charging Stations are more suited for the purpose of setting up personal charging infrastructure at homes, apartments and offices. Of the various models available, the more popular ones are those which incorporate unique features like SIM Based IOT Enabled, support for Electric Car, Electric Bike, Electric Scooter and 3 Pinpoint, 16A Socket Charger. Some of these come with IP65 certification and are shock resistant which makes them compliant with the requisite safety standards. Some of these can even be monetized and charging services can be provided for a small fee.

Basic Infrastructure Needed to Install a Private Charging Station for EVs

To set up a private charging station at your house or office, all that you need is some basic infrastructure, which we are listing down here.

  • A parking space or its equivalent area to park your EV
  • Manufacturer specified AC power connectivity near to the EV
  • Earthing and wiring done by professionals
  • A suitable EVCS

Why Do You Need a Private Charging Station for your EV?

  • The new and advanced private charging stations come with access protection. To start charging you would have to use a smartphone app that is registered and bonded to the device. Hence, no other EV can be charged at these stations without your consent, since the entire functionality of this system can be accessed only through its related mobile app. The EV charging station app also sends you an alert whenever there is an attempt to damage or tamper with the system.
  • They are also all weather and water resistant so that your charging station will stay safe and operable even during rough weather. The more advanced private charging stations also come with electric surge protection, so that you will not have to invest in a voltage stabilizer or surge protection device, etc.
  • In India, we are already overburdened with the population and traffic load. Charging your EV for hours in a queue does not look feasible. On the contrary, leaving your EV for an overnight charging will not only save your time, but will also make a smooth flow of traffic, where there are public charging stations.

Private charging stations are an ideal solution even for apartments complexes and gated communities who want to provide charging facility for their residents and visitors at a nominal cost. Resident welfare associations who are willing to invest in one can recover their investment cost by asking a reasonable amount for charging the EVs of its members on an hourly basis and the entire operation can be controlled via an app.

So, if you are looking forward to buying a new EV, go in with confidence and get your own private charging station from MeissaReeve.

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