The future of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: NHEV II
23Jul, 21 July 23, 2021Electric Vehicles

The massive success and response of the first NHEV Tech trial run (Dehli-Agra) was an achievement for everyone involved in the project. These trial runs got conducted to enhance the future of EV Infrastructure. The project, when completely established, will create lots of employment opportunities for people and profitable investment opportunities for businesses related to EV.

Electric cars are the best option for the greener future. To commonly utilize them in our day-to-day lives and on the highways is the goal for most people with the same vision of a safe and greener country.

Big trial run sponsors, ASSAR, AHEM, Paytm, Xicom, etc., have joined hands to boost the awareness and infrastructure of EV in the upcoming years. The day is not far from where we will see National Highways that will be EV friendly where there will be EV Charging Stations and other EV service points for the vehicles.

This initiative will make it easy for electric vehicles to have more mobility and travel across the country without worrying about charging points and other service points on the National highways. Every Electric vehicle on India’s first E corridor NHforEV will get a backup within 30 minutes in case of breakdown between Jaipur-Delhi-Agra.

All partner companies contributing to the NHEV project will get procurement clearance, investor funding, certification, designing to transform India in transforming the EV Structure in the upcoming years.  Indias’ first two E- Highways for Hybrid, Bio-Fuel Cell, and Electric Vehicles with Charging Stations is an example of how we will reach the zenith of EV infrastructure in the upcoming years.

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Future of EV Infrastructure with NHEV

EV manufacturing companies will be able to grow and advance the idea for cleaner modes of transportation with India’s first 500 km combined highway program. It will also pave the way for the “Make in India” initiative.

As a business having the same objectives as NHEV, Meissa Reeve is one of the companies where we, as responsible citizens, plan to create a healthier environment. Our Charging Stations have contributed to the development of the EV Infrastructure, which has improved the air quality to make the environment cleaner and safer to live in.

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